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We are chiropractors. Our chiropractic websites and chiropractic newsletters are geared toward your chiropractic office, as well as ours! Welcome to NowYouKnow, Inc., Chiropractic Blog, Chiropractic Search Engine optimization

Our "ADJUSTable Websites" are the most advanced and focused websites for chiropractors available today, and include a free mobile website.

Our "Real-News Email Newsletters" are chiropractic newsletters for patients. Practice-tested and proven to be effective for educating and motivating your patients and you community while giving them the ammunition they need to make referrals.

As chiropractors, we also understand that you are busy in your practice and may not have the time or inclination to learn how to be a computer geek. For this reason, Chiropractic Websites & Educational Services by Now You Know are advanced yet user-friendly and simple to use. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable staff for a free live online demonstration..
What They Say
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  • Testimonial Image
    We average 2-4 new patients PER WEEK off of our website, and not just for back pain, but for pediatric issues as well.
    I have b...
    Dr. Drew Rubin
  • Testimonial Image
    WOW! we updated our Now You Know CNS service to include the youtube videos and it has completely revolutionized our waiting area. ...
  • Testimonial Image
    I highly recommend the services of Now You Know. The technology is amazing and the educational information is the best in chiropra...
  • Testimonial Image
    Wanted to let you know how we are continually impressed and satisfied with your website and email newsletter service. As you know ...
    Drs. Jeremy & Amanda Hess
  • Testimonial Image
    Just a short note to say thanks for all you do. We've had our web site for several years. It has great information that is consi...
    R. Tyler Given, D.C.
  • Testimonial Image
    The email newsletter has also been extremely effective. Every month I have about a dozen emails from patients with great comments...
    David Cretsinger, D.C.
  • Testimonial Image
    Undoubtedly, the best way to keep your patients informed, educated and up-to-date in their high-speed, ever-changing world is by i...
  • Testimonial Image
    Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate the work you and B.J. do.I orignally had a website that I though was pretty good. I ...
    Jim Gregg, D.C. FICA
  • Testimonial Image
    I have been in the business of educating the public and my fellow colleagues in the art of communicating the chiropractic message ...
    Sal Martingano, D.C.
  • Testimonial Image
    I had to take a moment to thank Dr BJ Harman and all of the Now You Know staff for putting out a GREAT product. I have been using...
Current News

Our "Gen3" ADJUSTable Websites have arrived!

ADJUSTable Websites with CNS II, Chiropratic Websites Now You Know introduces the most advanced websites in chiropractic with the release of the third generation of ADJUSTable websites known as "Gen3". The Gen3 ADJUSTable website takes versatility and customization to the next level with the ability to select not just the theme, but then to move components around on that theme and even add modules for specific content or function.
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Includes a free mobile website!

Free Mobile Chiropractic WebsiteDid you know our ADJUSTable Websites, the Now You Know service providing websites for chiropractors, includes a free mobile website?!

Now You Know's efficient chiropractic mobile website design allows new and current patients to get your office hours, contact you, and find directions to your practice - quickly and easily from their iPhone, Android, Windows, or Blackberry mobile device!

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SEO Results - The Real Story

Many of our doctors using this service have seen dramatic jumps in their search engine results. Below is an actual table of results with one of Now You Know's Professional SEO Service subscribers. In a few short weeks the change was dramatic.

Website SEO Results

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