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Superior Infrastructure - Reliable Service

Does infrastructure matter?

Common to most, your eyes probably start glazing-over when someone starts talking about computers or technology. You're a chiropractor. Why should you care about website infrastructure? Like your car, websites are supposed to "just work" right? But would you buy a car without knowing what's under the hood? The reliability of a vehicle is just as important as the way it looks, and the same applies to your web services.

At Now You Know we *own* our hardware and employ staff with years of professional experience. We hand assemble only enterprise grade components to build fast, reliable, and modern servers. We then place those servers in the secure, state-of-the-art data center of a multinational Tier 1 Internet Service Provider.

What the rest do ... cut corners and oversell.

Nearly all of the Chiropractic website providers in the market today run their services on individual rented servers. They have no more control over its reliability as you do when picking up a rental car. They load the machine up until it can't hold any more clients, then they rent another and fill it up. While this overselling ends up putting more $$ in their pockets, it also leads to an increased chance of outages and results in slow, under-performing websites. Worse yet, this usually means they cut costs and don't have a qualified systems engineer on staff to make sure your website and email are secure. Once your site is up, some providers don't even update the software and content management system it runs on! And by the way, hackers LOVE outdated software!

Redundant and Load Balanced

Sticking with the car analogy, this is like having two cars that you rotate through and drive every other day. Not only do you share the miles between them, lessening the wear on each, but you still have transporation should one vehicle have a problem. This is load balancing and redundancy!

We want to help ensure your website and email is up and secure, so we double/triple up on everything. Multiple firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, load balancers, web and email server clusters, and even the databases and filesystems are highly-available and redundant! And what's more, we've quietly had this advanced infrastruture in place since 2007!!