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NYK Fundamentals System

Fundamentals System Features
Marketing for Chiropractors, Chiropractic News Service

chiropractic news service

Marketing for Chiropractors, Chiropractic News Service


This system includes the informational and educational NYK Kiosk and the Chiropractic News Service video service to educate and motivate your patients.

  • CNS plays on a flat screen TV in your office.
  • Kiosk will work on any online computer with modern browser.
  • Empower your patients with the tools they need to refer.
  • Keep your existing website and domain.
  • Both Kiosk and CNS are hosted by NowYouKnow and won't interfere with your current website.
  • A well-educated patient is a more compliant patient.

NYK Kiosk

The NYK Kiosk gives your office the largest resource of quality information and education available in chiropractic. Your patients and your staff will have access to an extensive, well documented, and effective collection of articles on chiropractic, research, and health issues.

  • Over 1000 articles, specifically written for chiropractic patients.
  • Largest resource of patient educational material ever available in a chiropractic office.
  • Searchable either by subject or graphic anatomical selection.
  • Available to print or email directly from your office.
  • Never have to purchase a tri-fold health pamphlet again.
  • The NYK Kiosk raises your office to new levels of effective patient education.

Chiropractic News Service – "CNS"

Play either videos or articles in your office. Why make your patients wait while just listening to music that does nothing to educate or motivate? With the CNS, your patients can either be watching educational and inspirational videos, or reading real-news articles on health and chiropractic.

  • Unlimited videos available to be added from YouTube®.
  • You select what videos you want to play.
  • We give you a recommended list of over 100 videos.
  • Add your own videos and testimonials.
  • Almost any video that appears on YouTube® can be added to your CNS.
  • Over 1000 articles that transition onto the main screen.
  • Customize the information screen to include messages from your office.
  • Includes live feed for 3 days of weather.
  • Unlimited scrolling messages across top of screen.