Chiropractic Is Safe

Chiropractic Under Attack - NYK to the Rescue

Recently, there has been a buzz of news stories that attack chiropractic and claim that chiropractic is dangerous and unnecessary. The news stories seemed to be timed together to try to scare people about chiropractic while claiming it is not needed. Below are several links to some of these news stories.

From this two pronged attack, it is easy to see that the "stroke" issue is designed to scare the public, while the "unnecessary care" issue is aimed at lawmakers. While the national and local chiropractic associations are addressing the "unnecessary care" issue with the lawmakers, the individual practitioner needs additional ammunition to address the safety issue with patients. 

Now You Know has stepped up and is providing all of our subscribers information that helps fight the safety issue. NYK has created a "Chiropractic is Safe" page that can be easily added to any of our NYK websites with just a few clicks. The page contains a short description of chiropractic's safety facts with links to a number  of articles NYK has on this subject. To see a sample of this page, please click on the thumbnail to the right.

To see how this icon and link can work on several of our NYK themes, please click the links below to our sample websites.

The page is editable by the NYK subscribers which allows doctors to add their own additional statements or links to outside recourses. The national associations have provided resources that we have listed below.