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NYK Special Holiday Promotion

Enjoy your holidays while attracting new patients using the most effective educational in-office and online educational systems in chiropractic. Pay only 1/2 the start-up fee for either the Essentials or Advantage Systems and then get 2 months free. Our Fundamentals System has no start-up fee, allowing you to use this system entirely free for two months. Start your new year by becoming the educational resource for your practice members and your community.

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NYK Essentials
NYK Essentials Package
Adjustable Web+SEO
adjustable Web
- Websites with SEO -

The Essential System includes the in-office education of the Fundamentals system with the added bonus of the best educational website service in chiropractic. Adding your own personalized informational website to the quality in-office education of the NYK Fundamentals system creates a community resource that helps educate and motivate those who may have never considered chiropractic care. The NYK ADJUSTable Web+SEO is the perfect blend of style, customization, search engine optimization, and education to effectively bring the message of chiropractic and your office into your community.

NYK Advantage
NYK Advantage Package
Email Newsletter Service
email newsletter service
- Email Newsletters and Ecards -

With the Advantage NYK System you get it all. Take the advantage by combining community outreach with your solid in-office and online educational resources in place from NYK's Fundamentals and Essential systems. The NYK Real-News Email Newsletter service allows you to reach out with quality information written to shift people to the chiropractic way of thinking. Additionally, the Bulk Emailing capabilities, with the Echiropractic Ecards and Messages services of the Advantage System, give you complete, ongoing communications and outreach abilities to your patient base and your community.

NYK Fundamentals
NYK Fundamentals Package
Chiropractic News Service Kiosk
chiropractic news service kiosk
- In-Office Education with Videos and Kiosk -

The Fundamentals System includes 2 in-office educational services. First, the NYK Kiosk gives your office the largest resource of quality information and education available in chiropractic. Your patients and your staff will have access to an extensive, well documented, and effective collection of articles on chiropractic, research, and health issues. Second is the Chiropractic News Service – "CNS". Play either videos or articles in your office. Why make your patients wait while just listening to music that does nothing to educate or motivate? With the CNS, your patients can either be watching educational and inspirational videos, or reading real-news articles on health and chiropractic.