Nerve Charts are Obsolete

Nerve Charts are Obsolete

Your old nerve charts are now obsolete! Nerve charts used to be a great way to show people how subluxations might affect certain parts of the body. With the Now You Know  "Visual Article Search" feature you can have articles with research and information on any area of the body.  This goes way beyond just showing them a drawing of nerves and possible effects.

This new feature allows patients to click on an image, then select the part of the body where they have a health concern.  Then they can click on that part to automatically search for articles and information on that health concern. Never before has it been this easy for patients, and potential new patients to have access to so much information on health and chiropractic.

Click on the image above to watch a short video on this Visual Article Search feature. This feature comes standard with NYK's ADJUSTable websites. Visit for more information on the NYK ADJUSTable websites and the NYK educational systems.

NYK Systems Explained

Now You Know offers groundbreaking online and in-office services for your office. Now these services have been enhanced and bundled into three "Systems."  Take a few minutes to watch the video below to learn how these affordable systems can transform your office. Just click on the image below.