New Chiropractic & Kids Educational Section

Added to NYK Websites

Now You Know introduces an entirely new educational content section available on all NYK subscribers' ADJUSTable Websites called "Kids & Chiropractic"

This new section offer visitors to NYK subscribers' websites informative sections on chiropractic pediatrics. You can see samples of this section by clicking the image below. This page contains thumbnail links to hundreds of articles from an ever-growing library of research and information on chiropractic and the subjects listed. We at NYK pride ourselves at having the most in-depth, verifiable research and information on chiropractic for patients and the general public available anywhere. (The links on the sample sites below are non-functional, but the ones on all NYK subscriber's websites work!)

Kids and Chiropractic

This new section offers a chiropractic overview of chiropractic care for newborns, infants, and children. It covers information on pregnancy up through childhood. In addition, there are also thumbnail links to a library of informational articles and research on subjects including pregnancy, infants, ADHD, autism, asthma, allergies, ear infections, colic, breastfeeding, scoliosis. and more. This section opens up a world of enlightenment on chiropractic for the pediatric population.

This new section is already present on NYK subscriber's websites  At NYK, we believe that education is the key to changing minds. The more people understand chiropractic, the more they want it for themselves and their families. That is why NYK offers the most comprehensive in-office and educational tools. Why settle for just a website? With NYK you can have an educational resource for your patients, and your community.